Magdalena Dukiewicz
In Every Dream Home a Heartache
February 07 — March 20, 2020

OPENING RECEPTION: February 07, 2020, 7-9 PM
curated by Elisa Gutiérrez Eriksen

Home, a simple four-letter word loaded with diverse meanings, meanings both shared and completely different within each person’s realm. It has a place in the natural and material world, the macro and the micro, the head and the heart. Magdalena Dukiewicz challenges our perceptions of home in her solo installation, In Every Dream Home a Heartache by creating architectural structures and objects with ephemeral, biological materials. She challenges our notions of refuge, safety and comfort that give home its most familiar definition and reminds us that home is both where the heart is and where heartache can be.

Dukiewicz is interested in phenomena that run our world and concepts that can be related to and translated to visual representations. Her work generally revolves around the binomial art-nature, reinforced by the use of organic materials like hydrolyzed collagen, bones, squid ink, hair and blood. Dukiewicz’s work also leaves no waste. Pieces are fragile and meant to deconstruct and decompose. Other elements are reused to create new work.



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Hey Ridge, March 05, 2020, by Nicole Fennimore