Invisible Landscape
April 19 — May 31, 2018            

Participating artists:​ ​Tatiana Arocha, Mike Clemow, Lucy Helton, Daniel Kukla, Bianca Lee

Vasquez, Bia Monteiro, Lisa Schonberg Presented by Stand4 Gallery and LABVerde

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Invisible Landscapefeatures the artists of the LABVerde Art Immersion Program in the Amazon in Manaus, Brazil. The program promotes an intensive experience in the rainforest to explore the connection between science, art and the natural environment. The program’s main goal is to promote artistic creation through a constructive debate about environmental issues generated by both theory and life experiences in nature.

The Amazon enjoys a certain iconic, mythological status—everyone knows about the Amazon, imagines it readily, even without first-hand experience. While many countries drive their economies from Amazon resources, the realization of this value is synonymous with its destruction through deforestation for cattle ranching and the soy monoculture. The perennial value of the Amazon, therefore, is politically and economically invisible.

The artwork in Invisible Landscape explores the mythos of the Amazon and reflects on the various “ways of knowing” that can arise from first-hand experience. The artists in Invisible Landscape employ various strategies to understand their experience and relationships to the forest; observational aesthetics, embodied knowledge, archiving and cataloging, speculative visioning, and personal dialog. These objects and experiences may be interpreted as documents, narratives, or relics, each unveiling a hidden way of valuing of this world resource.