In the End a Devastating Beauty

Susan Hoffman Fishman | Leslie Sobel

January 19 – February 19, 2024
Opening Reception, 
Friday, January 19, 7-9 PM  

Gallery Hours  |  Saturdays, 12-3 PM and by appointment

For the exhibition, In the End, a Devastating Beauty, environmental artists Susan Hoffman Fishman and Leslie Sobel home in on the salient, visible scars of the landscape and environmental changes that have occurred to bodies of water. Working with scientists at Planet Labs in San Francisco, CA, a global satellite imaging company, they used satellite imagery, on-the-ground research, and their aesthetics to produce a collaborative body of work that speaks to the devastating beauty of our planet as well as the visual beauty of the devastation that is accelerating the transformation of our warming planet. In the End, A Devastating Beauty is the product of a healthy ecosystem made up of the exchange of technology, scholarship, and vision between curious, caring professionals. A place without hierarchy, where one can fluidly change perspectives in the course of learning.