New Myths and Varied Tales: Truth, Lies and Shiny Objects
January 14 – February 5, 2022
Note: the show has been extended through February 12, 2022
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, January 14th, 7-9 PM
TEA CEREMONY: Saturday, January 22nd, 3-5 PM

ARTIST TALK: Saturday, February 12th, 3PM ET/US (ZOOM) Link to Artist Talk HERE
studioELL is proud to host artist, Jeannine Bardo, for a presentation on her new work, New Myths and Varied Tales: Truth, Lies and Shiny Objects, currently on view at Stand4 Gallery.

The artist talk will be presented over Zoom following the closing on February 12th. Registration is required. 
Please register HERE in advance for this meeting


Main Gallery:
New Myths and Varied Tales: Truth, Lies and Shiny Objects is an invitation to engage in
conversation with artist Jeannine Bardo, about what holds value to us. Bardo’s work focuses on
our relationship to the natural world and to one other. Her installation is meant to welcome
you into a space of shared stories that together have been transformed into new myths and
varied tales as a way to make sense of the trauma and violence we inflict upon the Earth and
one another. The conversations are meant to come from a place of hope and agency, to talk of
love and beauty and how we want the world to be, to share what we hold as precious, what is
valuable and why, to engage our imaginations and to build new truths towards a new narrative
that includes a collective of new myths and varied tales. Why? Why not?

There will be a connecting exhibition in Threshold that will offer participants an opportunity to
purchase a powerful life force and long-term, slow-growth investments that reap eternal
rewards. True story!

Please join her to add your voice to the conversation.






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