A Public Art Exhibtion

Opening April 14th, 2023 April 14th through June 14th

Curated by Jennifer McGregor

Hosted by Stand4 Gallery

In Spring of 2023 Stand4 Gallery will host the multi-faceted project, Bay Ridge Through an Ecological Lens,curated by Jennifer McGregor and presented in collaboration with ecoartspace. This interactive, public, community arts exhibition will feature artists from the New York area and consist of nature walks and community interventions in the gallery and in various locations throughout the neighborhood.  Our fundraising will go directly towards artist and curator stipends, stipends for other cultural partners, performances, community guides, marketing and logistics.

New York curator and arts planner, Jennifer McGregor brings deep expertise in the areas of art, ecology, gardens, public engagement and placemaking. McGregor’s visionary thinking combined with a realistic approach is key to projects that engage communities, diverse sites, and multiple art forms. She led Wave Hill’s place-

based, ecologically oriented programming for many years prior to working independently. She writes and speaks regularly about public and environmental art.

Artists have been selected to design projects that highlight environmental issues that are relevant to Bay Ridge for this community intervention. They are currently conducting site visits to determine their projects and interventions. Artists were also selected for their knowledge and skills in social practice and ecology.                                                                 

Below are the artists and examples of work proposed by the artists:

  1. Kate Dodd– will present (Climate Library Experience and Receptacle) that is intended to increase awareness of the impact climate change has on neighborhood streetscapes, and therefore on community residents and their health, through participation in a site-specific installation at the Bay Ridge Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. The library will be an incubator, workshop, or treasure hunt. There will be an exchange with the community that includes opportunities to collaborate on artworks. Kate was awarded a $1000 grant from Design Trust for Public Space for this specific project. 
  2. Aaron Asis– will interpret and pull out the history of underappreciated spaces within the community to highlight its lost history. These images will be brought into the public space to be used for education and discussion. 
  3. Chris Costan– will create paintings with text to inform the public about environmental issues. These works will be placed in storefronts throughout the community for people to discover. 
  4. E.J. McAdams– in collaboration with Jimbo Blachly will lead a haiku hike, and/or birding without binoculars discovery walk, to include plein art drawing and poetry events through Owls’ Head Park.  E.J. wrote the historical sign for Owl’s Head park in Bay Ridge when he was a park ranger 20 years ago. We would like to include the organization Tea Arts Culture in his poetry walks to host a tea ceremony before or after the walk. 
  5. Duy Hoàng– is currently capturing water vapor from the respiration of plants and using that water to do a painting of the plant with watercolors. He will bring his practice into the park spaces of Bay Ridge. 
  6. Sergey Jiveten– will present a version of Furrow for Bay Ridge by conducting workshops asking people to bring him a seed along with the story of their connection to the seed. He will etch their portrait into the seed during the conversation to give the participant a voice and to make a connection with his collaborators. Intended site for event is Narrows Botanical Gardens. 
  7. Nikki Lindt– will capture the sound of the undergrounds and continue the work that she has developed for Prospect Park. Nikki recently interviewed with CBS This Morning and NPR to describe her practice. 
  8. Rita Leduc– will create an interdisciplinary project about communication through ecology. Her site-specific interventions will extend an earlier project that focused on Sunset Park, the neighborhood connected to Bay Ridge on its northern waterfront. 
  9. Nancy Nowacek– will present a musical performance with a flotilla of boats off the Bay Ridge shoreline that have an environmental message or offering a “Key to the City” to an unsung Bay Ridge environmental steward. 
  10.  Peter Edlund– is researching the invasive Japanese Knotwood tree that is pushing into the park spaces in Bay Ridge and Stand4’s backyard. He will create a work that looks at invasive species in the neighborhood.
  11.  Rebecca Alan– is a painter who is engaged with the environment. She will create new work based on locations in Bay Ridge, possibly Narrows Botanical Garden, that juxtaposes nature and human-made structures.  
  12.  Benjamin Swett– has photographed New York City trees throughout the five boroughs for many years. His photographs of trees in Bay Ridge such. American Elm on Ridge Boulevard at 72nd Street, 2010, will be included in the exhibition.
  13. Christopher Lin– focuses on systems and is interested in researching the local waterways of Bay Ridge. May consider working with oysters and other filter feeders that are native to the waters. His current work is soil-based and highlights decomposers as vital to the life cycle. Wants to show the importance of circular systems as a way to counter the consumptive capitalist system we live under that is so destructive to the environment.